About Us

Who we are and what we do?

We are in the field of Advertising, Printing and Publication from last 20 years working as a Graphic Designer. We also have good experience in Graphic Design  Skills in Advertising, Printing and web. We also conduct professional Digital Art Training programs for those who are interested in digital art and want to make career in it. While working in these various fields from last 20 years, one thing we noticed that ‘Internet’ was the most important part of life and of course Business and communication. Now a days it becomes daily need of everybody. Without internet we can’t imagine a life. Each and every field we can’t go ahead without Internet. There is lot of information and knowledge available  in English, but lots of Marathi people in Maharashtra away from it and confused about use of  Internet. They are interested to learn and use Internet. To teach in regional language is the best way to educate people with proper way. So we decided to publish print magazine in Marathi language for them.

Our mission is that everyone should know about technology, to educate them on how technology can enhance and enrich their life by providing them information, opinion and advice on how to learn Internet, how to use Internet, how and what to buy and how to get the most out of it. Internet Guru is not a brand, it’s a ‘ Internet Saksharata Abhiyan’ (इंटरनेट साक्षरता अभियान) that feeds everyone’s passion for technology.

Internet Guru is a Marathi magazine specially for Marathi readers who want to learn Internet, use Internet and become a part of globalize World. It is also for those who want to update their knowledge and wish to go with the world. More than 200 subjects related to the Internet and daily needs of people are included in this magazine and it is going to be published one by one.

You can contact us with your opinion, suggestions, remark regarding our mission ‘Internet Guru’